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Search Engine Optimization Software casts back the well-known myth that says: "Submitting to search engines will attract highly-motivated visitors to your site". Before submission a web project must be prepared for the best search engine visibility, otherwise it is never found by the target visitors. WebCEO knows how to get the most out of search engines.

Imagine Search Engine Optimization Software, which:

  • supports search engine optimization for the major search engines, allowing search engine-specific optimization (i.e. general optimization, Google optimization and Yahoo and Bing optimization)
  • thoroughly analyzes pages for search engine readiness
  • pinpoints all possible and existing search engine visibility problems
  • gives the complete breakdown of problems by the area of a page
  • recommends changes so that a site is found by your prospects

Optimization Analysis results in a detailed, 150 items report. What is more important, it is headed by a set of recommendations based on the results of check and written in human, non-technocratic English.

The key feature of the WebCEO Optimization Tool is its ability to compare the optimality of your page versus top-ranked pages. It puts your page next to the ranking leader and lists all factors that helped the latter rank well and that you might want to fix on your page in order to improve rankings.

WebCEO search engine optimization software can help you not only analyze pages, but pinpoint the off-the-page factors influencing your rank among the search engine results for your targeted keywords. The off-the-page factors are: link popularity, theme, and presence in directories. Nowadays search engines allot a much more significant weight to these factors. WebCEO search engine optimization software helps you track and grasp the competitors' strategy for these factors as well.

Search Engine Optimization Tool is not stand-alone. It makes an all-star team together with other tools for Search Engine Marketing included into WebCEO. The best results are achieved, if the tool is used in teamwork with the Keyword Research tool.

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