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The FTP upload manager by WebCEO is designed to make file transfers a play rather than a torture. Every webmaster needs to upload files to server or host on a daily basis. Plenty of FTP upload software exists for this purpose, some free and some must be purchased. Many 'advanced' FTP upload managers turn the upload routine into a puzzle: they offer damn lots of settings and leverages which confuse novices and irritate experienced webmasters. Such software usually has a considerably long learning curve and you go through series of disappointing situations before getting accustomed to use it.

WebCEO FTP upload manager still offers all the advanced functions (file filters, directory hotkeys, file direct editing on server etc). However, it does not embarrass users relatively new to site management with an intricate interface. The FTP manager does exactly what it name states: it provides you with an FTP upload without stuffing your head with file permissions, FTP protocol commands and command line keys, etc.

The FTP Upload Manager is optimized for:

The FTP Upload Manager provides you with:

  • Uploading any files to your server or host
  • Downloading any files from your server
  • Creating files and folders at the server
  • Copying/Deleting files from your server
  • Easy and quick access to your site
  • Instant changes to files and scripts
  • Friendly interface helping you finish the task
  • Advanced security features

The FTP Upload Manager is a part of WebCEO software. It's a suite of 12 tools each webmaster and site operator uses on a daily basis. Except FTP uploading (and downloading), it includes site quality check (broken links, orphan files, missing images, and much more), site uptime monitoring, easy HTML editor and advanced visit reporting. The site promotion tools are: keyword suggestion, page optimization advice, search engine submission, ranking check, and link popularity analysis. Compiled into one powerful software suite, they help you go much further than just upload files to your host: get top-10 rankings on search engines and maximize your search engine traffic, analyze visitors and their behavior, discover the real effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and track your eCommerce activity.

Case study

Because of security issues you haven't permitted your web design company to access your site over FTP. After the site redesign, you need to upload the changed content, e.g. HTML pages, two scripts and database.


Step-by-step Solution

HTML pages, scripts and database must be transferred to your host
  1. Run the FTP Upload Manager
  2. Enter www.yoursite.com, username and password for your site in Settings, then click on the Connect button ( during first use only)
  3. Select and copy files with drag-and-drop as in Windows Explorer

Download Web CEO with the FTP upload manager to discover its power right now!

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